About Me

Hi. I’m a quirky college grad still discovering who I am. I have a strong affection for Jesus, my kin, tea, adjectives, old TCM musicals, mint green, and all things British.

I pretend like I have style, when really I just like t-shirts and pajama pants.  I am perfectly content to stay home all day watching a good movie and crafting. My favorite sound in the world is the rustling of trees in the wind, and thinking of all that the wind has brushed over before. I cannot go a day without music. I get goosebumps anytime I hear a banjo playing.  I love children’s fiction.

I’ve never gotten my ears pierced. I failed my Political Science class in college. I’m allergic to dairy. I’ll pick a cookie over any other dessert. I wanted to be a pastor when I was little.  I eat hummus like it’s life.  I wish I was British or Jewish depending on the day.

But the most important thing about me is that I am loved by the most perfect wonderful person that has ever existed. He sticks by me when I ignore him. He knows what I’m thinking before I speak. He knows everything there is to know about me. He forgives me when I willfully reject him. He gives the perfect gifts, things no one would know I want. His love is the most fulfilling and satisfying thing in the world. His name is Jesus, and I’m crazy about him. 

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