These are posts that reveal a bit of my heart. I am very fond of words and putting to pen the thoughts that mingle in my mind. I hope that the words you read here bring your mind and heart closer to our glorious savior, Jesus Christ. Never forget that you are loved and so very important. You are chosen for something very special and I just want you to know that whether or not I know you personally, I love you because God loves you. Blessings.

Do Something - Taking part in God's Redemption Plan
Let Yourself Be - Giving yourself permission to be who you are
Give and Let Give - Letting yourself recieve
The Little Ones - Children are a hidden glory
Words that Wash - How are our words impacting others?
A Lamb - The hands of a Shepherd
I've Got Her Covered - Getting rid of the "I need to/be/get..."s
Free to be a Nobody - Letting go of feeling like I have to do something big with my life
Life - What are you living for? Is it worth dying for?
A flower in His garden - Thoughts on the passing of my sweet cousin and a sweet vision of God's Heavenly garden.
My Jesus - A look at suffering
A Whole New Outlook - My endeavor to read through the Bible

I previously wrote many of my "Heart" entries on my other blog "Three Remain."

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