Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Whole New Outlook

Well hi.

So, my summer goal is to read through the Bible, as much a day as I want. No reading guide or "this many chapters a day" thing. I feel like that just makes it an obligation, and I want this to be anything but that. I decided to read the New Testament first. I chose to do this b/c I wanted to be able to read the Old Testament being able to see the images of Christ and the prophesies he would fulfill. I finished that, and I have to tell you, it was so uplifting and encouraging to my heart. The whole idea that started me on this goal was remembering what my high school Bible teacher told us, that only 1% of Christians have read the whole Bible. Whoa, conviction right? How can we who profess to be firm believers of a faith, not have even read the book we base our whole lives on!?!? Crazzzzzy right? I knew that if I was ever challenged by someone asking me why I hadn't read the book my faith was based on, i would have no legitimate answer. There is no excuse. Seriously. We read Harry Potter and Twilight books within 4 days, which i'm pretty sure is longer than the Bible in total. ( But i don't really know, i actually haven't read either series, i just used those cause thats what majority of my generation has read.) So that is what got me to my summer goal. So now I am in the Old Testament. I chose to read it chronologically b/c I've always been curious to know what came when, and what order, so that it makes more sense in my mind. Because growing up in church, we always hopped around, and never got a true picture of this is how we got here. I've already been blessed to learn soooo much! It's sooo cool to be reading and say, "OHHHHH this is how the slaves became enslaved, or Ohhh now I see how Joseph and Abraham are connected!" It's like a whole new part of your mind is opened and able to understand the Biblical truths even more! It's so beautiful.

So, that brings me to Job. It has always been a book of "ya ya i know the story." and never truly understood until today. WOW, what i have been missing out on. Job was always a hard book for me to understand so i read along with it in The Message Bible. It helped alot and gave me alot of clarity. I can't tell you how amazing the last 3 chapters were to my soul. I encourage you to read it in the Message. It makes you feel so insignificant, and magnifies what a MIGHTY AWESOME God we are privileged to serve. It blew my mind. Truly truly truly, what a mighty God He is.

I pray that the Lord may open your heart to receive the revelations that Job offers. It is a story i once took for granted, and now it has changed my view on suffering, friendship, creation, and most importantly our God.

He is so amazing, may we never cease to sing his praises!

Let us praise Him,

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