Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delightful Dinnerware

So as I've mentioned before, I have a problem. It is a love affair with dinnerware.  There I said it. Phew. It's true. I would rather shop for my kitchen than my closet. And seeing how I don't have a kitchen of my own yet...well let's just say I'm running out of storage room. 
I've found alot of dinnerware that I love love love, and since I'm going public with this confession, well I thought I would try and get you to fall in love with dinnerware too. It really is fun!!☺
Gingham Mug 16 oz. $4.95 each
 So these little lovelies I just got this past weekend. I went to Crate and Barrel with my Pop, and well let's say I was a little too excited about my finds. My dad had a good laugh at me running around the store grabbing what I convinced myself I couldn't live without atleast one of.  And the best part about all of these pieces is that they are all under FIVE BUCKS! Yup. You read right. $5.  So if I were you, I would swing by and get some before they are all gone.
Radio Green/Teal Plate 8.25" $3.95 each

Triana Plate Blue 7.75" $4.95 Each
Another one of my new favorite places to look for dinnerware: West Elm. You may not be too familiar with this one, but it is an up and coming hot spot for home decor.
They also have some super cute mugs right now. These are their Modernist Mugs at $10 each. They are adorable and fun to use for tea time. 

Check out some of their other dinnerware also, like their matching Modernist Bowls,  only $8.

Alright, so now for some of the classics. If you have ever been to Anthropologie, you have probably seen these lovelies. And well, as you can see, I have more than I really need. But some are my sister's! So I'm not completely nuts!
These bowls are great basics, and the colors are absolutely delightful! They are called Latte Bowls  and online you can get a set of 6 for $30. They are about $5 each. They are porcelain and hold about 18 oz. The best part is that they are microwave and dishwasher safe, so they are a breeze to clean.
Latte Bowls
Latte Bowls

Mini Latte Bowls
And you can't forget the mini's! They are available in different colors seasonally, so you'll find different colors pretty often.T Mini Latte Bowls  come in a set of 8 for $20, which comes out to them being $2.50 each. They are super cute and hold about 3 oz.

Mini Latte Bowls

Target Summer Dinnerware

Ok, and finally, we can't rule out Target! These polka-dot glass cups came from Target last summer. Target has some great options when it comes to dinnerware, and their summer collections are always super cute. So go to your local Target and check out what they've got this summer! You might be pleasantly surprised!

 I hope you are starting to get a hinkering for dinnerware. Who says you have to have 8 of the same plates for dinner guests?!? Why not jazz it up some and everyone get a different plate! It gives your part some character and you can say goodbye to "Is this your plate or mine?"

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