Friday, September 2, 2011

I Think I Shall

Hello friends.

(Music makes me want to write, and this is what this song led me to. So press play and read on my friend.)

Tonight I have decided to go on an adventure. I do not wish to live a life of normalcy. I choose one where when I have a dream or desire, I will pursue it. If I want to own a bakery, I shall try. If I want to sing in a coffee shop with my guitar or ukulele, I shall try. If I want to be an artist and sell my work, I shall try. If I want to be a teacher to precious brown eyed Mexican orphans, I shall try. If I want to backpack through the Irish greenlands, I shall try.

Life is too short to live in the box of ordinary. My God has created this earth for us to enjoy and discover Him in.  I would rather not live my life wasting away in a boring office building surrounded by concrete. If I want to create, by heavens I WILL! I do not want to sit and listen to a boss tell me what and when I shall create. Also, I think that life is rather more important than to be lived solely in pursuit of money. It really is overrated.

I want to enjoy this life, just as I will enjoy eternity in heaven. For this place is all a small taste of what heaven shall be like. Heaven, however, will be what we taste a bit of here times 100% perfection.

Everyone always asks, what if you only had more day to live, what would you do? And everyone says they would do what they always wished and wanted. Well our life here is as short as a blink, the equivalent of a day, so why don't we live!? Instead we trade in our ticket for adventure and excitement for mundane and ordinary.

Hmmmmm. Maybe this is the imaginative naive young adult in me saying all these things. But deep down I know what voices these feelings and thoughts. It is my desire to know my God. For that certainly is an adventure that will never become mundane or ordinary. What an adventure it would be to follow every whim the Lord put on your heart. I wonder where the Lord would take us if we all dropped our plans and worries and legitimately followed every path the Lord showed our souls. I think we would go on a crazy exciting adventure.

So here's to an adventurous God, and as to going on this adventure....I think I shall.

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