Monday, February 25, 2013

A Touch of Pretty

23 paper flowers later this lovely project is done! I looooove how it turned out! I put it at the head of my bed and it just fits so perfectly!

This is such a "make it your own" type of DIY because you could really do it to take up a whole wall (which would be absolutely incredible), use it for a back drop, nursery mobile, above the fireplace, the options are boundless.

All I did was make a bunch of origami paper flowers I blogged earlier and then glued those together around yarn. I then attached them to a stick I found out in my neighborhood.  Voila! You have a beautiful eye-catching piece. It really is so easy. So sit down start folding those petals and before you know it your wall will be covered with a touch of pretty whimsy. Happy crafting!

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