Monday, April 8, 2013

A Touch of Teal

Happy Monday friends!
Well this Saturday I whipped out my ol' trusty Singer to do some sewing. It was actually my great-grandmother's sewing machine. I first used it in the 6th grade for my first quilt, and ever since then it's been my go to. It's straight forward and simple. Just what I like.

I am a pretty bad impulse buyer when it comes to fabric and craft supplies. So on a whim I bought this teal and navy jersey fabric. It's laid around for a couple months and this Saturday I finally sat down to create something with it. 

So I love infinity scarves but not so much the fabric I've been finding in the stores. If I do like the fabric it is way over priced. I bought 2 yards of this jersey and could have made 3 scarves all for $14. Crazy huh? Praise the Lord we can make our own! 

When I sew, I just figure it out as I go. I know how I want the end results to be so I just kinda wing it. Not exactly helpful to those who want to recreate the same thing. Sorry! But here is a tutorial by Family Ever After that does basically what I did. 

This is the end result. (Sorry for the picture. I accidentally deleted my photos except for the instagram one :)  And I love it. It is SO soft and perfect for even the summer months!

I also had been wanting to make some turban knot headbands. I had been looking online and just couldn't find what I wanted for a reasonable price. So I just tried it myself. Here is a great simple tutorial by Honeybee Vintage. Seriously...these take like 7 min. to make!

Hope you take a swing at it! Happy sewing!

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  1. Super cute!! I need to make some more for myself with the summer coming up:) Thanks for the link back!