Monday, July 15, 2013

Thankful Heart

Hello friends! I am back from a wonderful fun-filled week with sleep-talking jr. high kids, wolf spiders, and sunshine! This Monday morning, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. The rain outside my window reminds me of the providence and care of our Lord. He certainly proves himself faithful time and time again.

Camp was truly an incredible experience. The Lord showed up every night and not only did he wreck the kids, he wrecked me. Ugly cry, snot and all. (Why can I not be a pretty cryer?) The Lord touched my heart in a way that I have not experienced in nearly a year. I knew after the last night that my life's desire is to be spent for God's glory.

I spoke one of the nights about passion. As I prepared for the talk, I looked back at my own life and saw how the Lord had developed so much passion inside of me. It is an uncontrollable emotion that exudes from the heart and cannot be missed by others. I realized that this very passion that wells up within me is the same passion that took Jesus Christ to the cross.

I received this passion from Him, and I in turn give it to others. The passion of Jesus Christ is contagious, and it is my every intention to spread it all across the world.

I saw over this past week the faithfulness of God. He was my energy when I had none, my strength when I was weak, my renewal when I felt done. He truly stood beside me as I sought his power this week for the kids. And He did not let us down.

It has been my dream for over a year now to see children encounter God as they did that last night. I saw kids called to ministry and missions. I saw kids in awe of God as they felt his manifest presence come down from Heaven. I saw the gates of Heaven open and the joy of the Lord pour out on his beloved children.

My God is faithful. My God is good. He delights in His children. All it took was a simple, "Yes." A yes to whatever God wanted to do that night.

Looking back at this week I am so grateful for my church family. I'm so grateful to witness jr. high kids experience the living God, and pass it on to me. I'm so thankful for my own family that the Lord is constantly perfecting and using to come together. I'm grateful for the blessings of a nice clean home ;) and modern conveniences. But most of all...I am grateful for a God who is intimately acquainted with His children.

It never ceases to amaze me how my God moves and changes hearts. His patience and compassion overwhelms me. I am still on the road to understanding God's love for me, but as I ask for daily revelation of His love, I see that I will never be able to truly comprehend this love. This week, however, I glimpsed his truly overwhelming love and the innumerable thoughts he has towards me.

How is it that I, a small speck in this universe, am so outrageously important and treasured by the God of all? How is it that He cares about the little details of my life? How is it that He can even see any good things, much less amazing incredible things in me? And yet He does.

I want to be the girl He sees. I want to be the girl He knows I will become. But as I sit here typing how I want to be this or that...I am reminded...I am just as He wants me to be.

So today I am thankful for who my God is and who I am because together we are perfectly one.

My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, and today I am thankful for Him.

Here is a free download I made. May it bless you and remind you that thankfulness breeds happiness.

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