Monday, March 7, 2011

Alphabet Wood Magnets

Tired of boring or tacky magnets overwhelming the boring plain fridge? Well, my friend, I have a solution for you! Spice up the kitchen with some organic crafty magnets! This do-it-yourself project is super easy and really adds character to any fridge!
What You'll Need:

paint (acrylic craft paint works great!)
paint brush
alphabet stickers (thicker and bolder stickers work best)
wood pieces (thickness is your preference)

1. Cut as many wooden pieces as you want. You can do the whole alphabet or even just four letters for HOPE.
2. Place stickers on wood pieces, make sure the size of the stickers is good.
3. Paint over stickers and let dry.
4. Carefully peel off the stickers.
5. Superglue a magnet on the back of the wooden piece and let dry.
6. Decorate your fridge with your new brilliant magnets!

You can take this idea and so a million different things that match your personal taste. Try using different colors of paint and different style Alphabet letters for even more personality. You could even mix it all up with each one being a different color and font. Just make sure when you are choosing Letters, the thinner they are the greater the chance of the paint running and making the lines not as definite. If you want me to make you some let me know and I'd be more than happy to!

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