Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Peasy Room Decorations

Hi friends. These are a few little snippets of decoration ideas that I have around my room.
The first is so easy, but I'm totally in love with it. Clipboards and pockets. This idea is as easy as buying a clipboard and sewing a little fabric pocket and hanging them on the wall. You can find clipboards at any craft or office store. You could even wrap the clipboards in a cute wrapping paper if you wanted to add alittle color to it! I love finding the clipboards at antique stores. They have so much history and personality. Then with the pockets youcan go as simple or as crazy as you want. You could do a whole wall of pockets all different sizes and colors for a kids room. The possibilities are endless! Send me your own photos of your pocket creations!
The next idea was from a friend, Vivien. I had tons of old Dr. Pepper bottles so I just dolled them up with a doily and tadah!
And lastly, I had some postcards, too many to ever use, so I thought of making a banner out of them. It was super easy! Simply measure the wall, add about 10 in. on either side and measure out how spaced out you want them. Then with twine and tape, simply tape the postcards on the twine or ribbon, and you have yourself an adorable personal banner. These postcards were from Anthropologie, and were covers of penguin classics.

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