Friday, June 10, 2011

PB&C Pretzels

Hi friends! Hope your summer is going splendidly! Today I needed a chocolate quick fix, and had seen a this idea earlier and thought I'd have a go at this little shindig. It is quick, easy and a scrumptious bite-size snack! These would be perfect for any party or to just simply keep around in a cookie jar! Ok so you're probably saying, "Alright already! Just tell us what these are and how to make them!" Ok, ok. These are Peanut Butter & Chocolate Pretzels!
In a small bowl mix together peanut butter, vanilla, and sugar. Just use your discretion when adding the vanilla and sugar. Use just enough vanilla to make the peanut butter smooth. And add as much or as little sugar as you want! Then melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips and while those are melting, make the PB and pretzel sandwiches. Finally dip the pretzel sandwiches in the chocolate. Place on wax paper or paper plate and put in freezer for 10-20 minutes. Bon appetite! 

Also, if you love colorful kitchen ware, West Elm has some fabulous plates, bowls, and coffee cups! You should check them out! 

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