Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patriotic Party

One of my favorite holidays is just two days away, and though I'm busy I couldn't help but notice so many wonderful ideas for this festive time of the year. With red, blue, and white everywhere you can't help but get in the mood. So if you're feelin' crafty and have some time this weekend, I found some super cute ideas for you to try!
The first comes from our dear Martha Stewart herself.  Her company is one of my absolute favorites. I saw this on the front of her latest magazine issue and just about died in the grocery store so thrilled by the idea. This is genius, and I wish so badly I had the chance to try it out, but hopefully next year! May I present to you Fireworks Cookies 
They are based on the simple sugar cookie, but given pizzazz with simple icing that is watered down a bit to make it easier to decorate the fireworks with. These cookies will make any party exciting and will for sure be a huge hit with all your guests.

And who would I be if I didn't write about cupcakes? I found a wonderful blog by Winnie Abramson, where she applies the same method with cupcakes!  Firework Cupcakes Love it!

Now for a simple, adorable craft idea that will brighten up your mantle, window, or door frame. It comes from Country Living Magazine (One of my favorites).                                  This garland can be made from simple construction paper and newspaper, or simply whatever paper you have.   The link shows you how to make it quick and easy! Happy 4th Garland
This idea can be applied for any holiday or celebration event. Everyone loves the little touches to decorations, and who says you have to go out and buy them! Making your own decorations is often alot cheaper, and usually are a bigger hit than any bought decor. : )

Hope you have a wonderful safe 4th of July!
Happy Fireworks!

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