Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart Pockets

Alright, a day late, but sure enough here is the Valentine's Day paper craft I promised. It is so cute, and super easy. Here's the How-to and I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day.

These are perfect to create a cute wall design, or to simply write a note and place in. You could even stick them on a gift. Scrapbook paper or thinner is best. Cardstock will be difficult to fold. The crisper your folds the better. I use a bone folder to make the edges crisp.

STEP 1: Cut out a rectangle. A good size that I use is 5.5" x 3". You can always trim to size during step 5. 

STEP 2: Fold in half. (Hot dog style ;) 

STEP 3: Fold in half again, only this time hamburger style. 

STEP 4: Fold one side up to meet the center fold. 
(Unlike how I did it, make sure the folded edge is at the top.)

STEP 5: Repeat with other side. This is the step where you can trim the top to make sure it looks proportional. 

STEP 6: Fold down corners to the back.

STEP 7: Repeat on other side. Tape back. 


Now the fun part of finding little trinkets and special things to put in the pockets!

I covered my closet door with the hearts. 

Happy Crafting! 
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