Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart Wreath

Hello sweet friends! I hope that this first week of February has you feeling very loved. I wanted to liven up my little part of the house so I thought I would grab my favorite crafting material, paper, and have a go at a heart garland. Well as things usually go, I took one idea to the next and made myself a sweet little wreath! I like it quite alot. So here we go! 

Step 1: Cut paper into 1" strips. I used pink cardstock. The thicker the paper the sturdier your garland/wreath will be. 

Step 2: Fold all the paper strips in half.

Step 3: Take one folded strip and put inside another folded strip.

Step 4: Staple one strip over the other like so.

Step 5: Fold wings over and pinch together. Then put inside another paper strip and staple.

Step 6: Continue step 5 until you achieve the desired length.

You can do so many different things with this garland. You can hang it down over windows, doors, walls, etc. Or you can make a wreath like me! 

Wreath:  Once you get about 17 hearts, take the two ends. Push the folded end down into itself and bring the loose two ends into the fold and staple. 

When you hang your wreath, you'll need to suspend it by two strings on the left and right so that the circle keeps it shape and not hang in an oval shape. But then again you might like the oval. :)

You can also play around with words and place inside the wreath.

Or hang it over your bed for a little Valentine's Whimsy!

Happy Crafting!

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